Working with us

Our Vision: 'We are the most convenient place for people to get the things they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. People shop with us because they enjoy it. We have the very best experience and service in the UK, where everyone leaves happier than when they came in. We offer great value on everyday items, alongside incredible local treasures that we love. We care about our communities and love supporting great causes wherever we can. We are family owned and enjoy the best working atmosphere, where everyone has fun working hard together.'

Being a family run business gives us the freedom to do things differently in our day-to-day tasks. Fortunately, we are not tied by corporate limitations and standardised processes, so we are able to run our business tailored to our skills and our customers desires– creating enjoyable environments for all to be a part of. We have a business purpose of ‘Service, Quality and Value, without Compromise’ which underpins everything we do in our stores and a set of Core Values which we all believe in, which encourages our ethos of ‘Everyone having fun while working hard together’ and drives our customer mission of creating an environment where ‘Every customer leaves happier than when they came in’.

We aim to inspire every individual who chooses to come on our journey and want all to fulfil their potential while with us. In order to encourage this, we lead an extensive training programme to facilitate the development of new skills, which can aid personal progression through our business, and build character. We pride ourselves in organic progression, which is why we believe our teams are so enthusiastic and motivating to be a part of.   

Current Vacancies 

Below is a list of our current vacancies within all of our stores. To apply for any positions, please download the application form which is found at the bottom of each of job description. Once completed bring your application from into store.

Job Title Hours Store Location
Sandwich Artist Team Member 20 flexible hours per week Tout's Budgens of Nailsea
Customer Service Team Member 4pm - 10pm Saturday and Sunday Tout's Budgens of Nailsea

Why choose Tout’s Budgens

We are committed to creating environments of ‘Everyone having fun while working hard together’ – this means encouraging efficiency and productivity in our teams which are always fun, inspiring and creative.

During your first weeks as a team member, you will undertake a full induction and review programme, where our skillful management teams can help you find your feet and encourage personal development. Throughout your time with us, you will also benefit from completing on-going Customer Service Reviews and 6-monthly performance appraisals.  

A fun working atmosphere in our stores breeds efficiency and great results. In recognising this we endeavour to find ways to kept our teams motivated and in great spirits. In doing so we recognise the importance of celebrating success. Each month working with us, those who go 'far and beyond' the call of duty, will be recognised and entered into their stores monthly raffle to win a £50 prize. Throughout the year our Operations Manager, Darren Hamilton, will issue inter-store challenges, where the winning store is given £500 to spend on a team activity, be it a day or evening out or a new gadget for the team area in store -  your store chooses.

Each year we have a Christmas party at a local setting, usually at a swanky hotel with awards and bubbly flowing. We also have a summer party where we have inter-store challenges to help continually build inspiring and motivated teams. Last year included a jelly eat competition, adult bouncy castle, Wheel-borrow races and speed knitted, finished off with a BBQ cooked by our very own MD, Jon Tout.

You and a family member/friend will also be welcomed to team discount at all our stores once you have been with us for 6 months.

Our training and support

We provide an annual extensive training and development programme for every individual who is successful in their application to work with us. All new starters will undergo a full induction and review programme. You will benefit throughout the year with in-store department training and out-of-store half and full day training and developing sessions, in our head office, Cheddar. Training days in our purpose built training facility include;

  • 90-day planning,
  • Customer Service,
  • Managing People,
  • Knowing your number,
  • Managing fresh foods
  • SUBWAY® training
  • Stock and Ordering  

Case studies

Still not sure what to expect? Or want a personal opinion? Read the below case studies to get some true insightful information about what it is like to work with us..

Mike Rowcliffe - Langford Store Manager

Mike Rowcliffe - Langford Store Manager

Many people find it very easy to get wrapped up into the Budgens way of life and in the team spirit! I am definitely one of these people, from the minute I started..

Why did I join Tout Ltd -

I already enjoyed working in retail / customer service and wanted more of a challenge! The store at Nailsea had recently been redeveloped so I popped in!

What position did I start at Tout Ltd:

I started working as a team member (or general assistant as we were known as in those days!), I worked part time during my time at college and university and then progressed to part time duty manager!

What other positions have I worked in at Tout Ltd:

I worked as a part time and then full time duty manager. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to take on the assistant manager role at Nailsea and here I am now as Store Manager of Langford.

Why I chose to progress at Tout Ltd:

Many people find it very easy to get wrapped up into the Budgens way of life and in the team spirit! I am definitely one of these people, from the minute I started working in the team, I felt well supported and well challenged! That hasn’t changed, to this day, I still have exciting challenges on a day to day basis.


The best things about working for Tout Ltd:


The best things about working at Tout Ltd are that the business is never standing still and always looking to develop with new ideas and new products. The other thing that stands out about working at Tout Ltd is the team! The people working in the stores are great fun and I love seeing people within my team develop as employees and grow as characters.

What training have I completed with Tout Ltd:

During my time at Tout Ltd I have completed a number of training courses and workshops. As a group we frequently run interactive training sessions based at our head office, the topics range from customer service to managing people to department specific training. I have also completed wine tasting, a management training course and a retail based NVQ.

Career aspirations:

I would be happy to progress wherever the business feels I am best put to use! I am willing to give anything a go and really enjoy working within the team. If you were to join the team here, you need to have a flexible approach to work and a willing attitude. 

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John Attwood - Assistant Manager

John Attwood - Assistant Manager

I joined Tout ltd in March 2007 as an 18 year old lad in 6th form looking for a part-time job to earn some money and gain experience...

.. I started with one shift a week and quickly picked up a second shift permanently, at the same time picking up any extras that were available. As soon as I finished 6th form I took up a full time job as a rota cashier and stayed in this job for around a year, until an opening as a Duty Manager appeared within the store and I was successfully promoted into this role. After just over a year as a Duty Manager I was then promoted to Assistant Manager, a role I have been in for just over 3 years now and am looking forward to getting a chance at being a manager soon.

I chose to progress within Tout’s because it was a friendly company with a lot of opportunities to progress and develop.

One of the things I like about working for Tout’s is that it’s a family run company and it’s great to see everyone get involved and care about the business. Also the very hands on management style and personal touch they bring to the company always makes you feel valued.

Whilst being at Tout’s I have received a lot of training and help with my development within the company. I have been sent on a time management course and a developing people course. Both of these courses were run by Budgen’s and helped me develop a lot as an Assistant Manager and as a person. I have also received a lot of in-house training particularly in customer service, which is something we, at Tout’s, really strive to be the best at. I have also been on a first aid course and obtained my personal alcohol licence whilst being at Tout’s.

My career aspirations are to stay with the company and progress to become a Manager at the next available opportunity, be it at Nailsea or a new site. 

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Tom Leeson - Duty Manager

Tom Leeson - Duty Manager

I started working at Tout’s Ltd in September 2010 as a team member, doing weekend shifts whilst studying at school. I then went to college and increased my hours at Tout’s Ltd whilst incorporating studying...

I started working at Tout’s Ltd in September 2010 as a team member, doing weekend shifts whilst studying at school. I then went to college and increased my hours at
Tout’s Ltd whilst incorporating studying. Over a period of 2 years my hours went from part-time to full-time. After college I became a cashier and at the present I am a duty manager. My shifts during this time included day shifts and night shifts, something my body objected to and still does! Having said that as part of the team you need to be flexible and in my current role as a duty manager it is important that I experience all shift patterns so I can support the staff I work with.

I suppose in a way Tout’s Ltd chose me as one of my brothers had worked their whilst in sixth form and it progressed from there. Many of my friends over the last four years have worked at some stage at Tout’s Ltd and as a result it has become a friendly environment to work in.

I enjoy interacting with the customers. You build up a rapport with them and as many people regularly do their shopping in the store you learn about them and become a friend to them.
Tout’s Ltd offers training opportunities. I have had customer service training and completed a management study day. At present I am taking a NVQ in team leading and hope to complete this by the end of 2015.

I enjoy working in the retail environment and one day hope to manager my own store. 

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