John Attwood - Assistant Manager

John Attwood - Assistant Manager

I joined Tout ltd in March 2007 as an 18 year old lad in 6th form looking for a part-time job to earn some money and gain experience...

.. I started with one shift a week and quickly picked up a second shift permanently, at the same time picking up any extras that were available. As soon as I finished 6th form I took up a full time job as a rota cashier and stayed in this job for around a year, until an opening as a Duty Manager appeared within the store and I was successfully promoted into this role. After just over a year as a Duty Manager I was then promoted to Assistant Manager, a role I have been in for just over 3 years now and am looking forward to getting a chance at being a manager soon.

I chose to progress within Tout’s because it was a friendly company with a lot of opportunities to progress and develop.

One of the things I like about working for Tout’s is that it’s a family run company and it’s great to see everyone get involved and care about the business. Also the very hands on management style and personal touch they bring to the company always makes you feel valued.

Whilst being at Tout’s I have received a lot of training and help with my development within the company. I have been sent on a time management course and a developing people course. Both of these courses were run by Budgen’s and helped me develop a lot as an Assistant Manager and as a person. I have also received a lot of in-house training particularly in customer service, which is something we, at Tout’s, really strive to be the best at. I have also been on a first aid course and obtained my personal alcohol licence whilst being at Tout’s.

My career aspirations are to stay with the company and progress to become a Manager at the next available opportunity, be it at Nailsea or a new site.