Local Treasures

Local Treasures

Meet our Local Treasures..

We are passionate about selling the best quality local products.  We search high and low to find great local products grown or produced with love, care and passion.

However, we are not all seeing, all knowing, so if you know of a great local product that we should be selling, please do let us know;

If you are a CUSTOMER simply suggesting a product/producers, please complete this very short from. At the moment, we are running an incentive... If your suggested producer/supplier company becomes one of our Local Treasures in-store, you will be in with the chance of winning a £50 gift voucher (closing date..15th September, 2016) - But you can suggest a company we should be working with ANYTIME! 

If you are a perspective LOCAL PRODUCT PRODUCER, please complete this short form. 

If any suggestions are right for our stores, we will go through the process to get them in store as soon as possible.

Bath Ales

Bath Ales

Bath Ales is an independent brewery, established all the way back in 1995. OK, that doesn’t sound like such a long time, but so much has happened in the 15 or so years since we started.

Our founders all come from a brewing background and share a passion for craft ale. Never a company to stand still, we've grown steadily and our brewery is now complemented by a bottling plant, a brewery shop, and a thriving estate of pubs in the West of England.

Our brewery is conveniently situated between Bath and Bristol in Warmley. Here, cutting edge technology – including our highly efficient steam-driven brewing plant – blends with our brewers' skill and patience, and the use of time-honoured brewing techniques.

Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley

We’ve been farming in the beautiful Yeo Valley since 1961, when the Mead family first bought the farm here in Blagdon.

Today we are the largest family-owned dairy business in the UK, with 1200 acres of farmland and 420 award-winning British Friesian cows.

We’re 100% Yeoganic which means we go the extra country mile to look after our land and livestock and we always strive to do the right thing.

Supporting British Family Farms is at the heart of everything we do, which includes buying British produce where we can.

We make everything from yogurts, butter and cream to compote, ice-cream and children’s products and we’re the UK’s largest organic brand.

The Tradtional Free Range Egg Co.

The Tradtional Free Range Egg Co.

The Tradtional Free Range Egg Co. are all about eggs!

With a family history stretching back over 35 years, they like to think they know their eggs at the farm and they spend a great deal of time, love and care looking after the fantastic free range girls that lay them, both the clucking and quacking variety!

The hens ramble free in some of the most beautiful parts of the country, both on home farm, in North Cheriton, and also in some incredible coastal and countryside places, thanks to the other specially chosen South West farmers they work with to produce the hens’ eggs.  

They launched our Waddling Free duck eggs in 2014 and are completely addicted to watching their girls swim and dabble away in their Somerset fields.  Their eggs have beautifully rich and creamy golden orange yolks and along with their hens eggs they like to think they are the most wholesome and highly nutritious eggs you could wish for!  

Thankfully they not alone in this as they have been awarded a prestigious Gold 1 star Great Taste Award for their hens’ eggs and a Gold 2 star for our duck eggs this year, along with Taste of the West Gold for both!