Introducing Subsquad™

Introducing Subsquad™

30 Oct 2018 - Create your own Sub 'SQUAD' with your friends & start earning!


As an added bonus to our Subcard® loyalty scheme, you and up to 8 friends can join forces and earn 50 bonus Subcard® points every time you make a purchase within 4 hours of another Subsquad™ member. That’s on top of the points you would normally earn for your purchase!

What are you waiting for? Simply download or update the Subcard® App today and START EARNING!

When a member of a ‘SQUAD’ makes a purchase in a SUBWAY® store, an App notification will be sent to all other members notifying them that another member of their SQUAD has just visited a SUBWAY® store. Each member will then be given 4 hours to make a purchase in a SUBWAY® store and scan their SUBCARD® to earn 50 bonus SUBCARD® points – that’s on top of the points that would have been earnt anyway. Only SQUAD members that make a purchase within the 4 hour window, as well as the original purchaser will qualify for bonus points.

Go forth and choose your squad!