Single use plastic is a thing of the past!

Single use plastic is a thing of the past!

23 Jan 2019 - Making our committment to the environment

From Monday 4th March 2019, our Budgens carrier bags will be chargeable. It's good news for us and good news for you because all profits from all carrier bags will be going back into your community... all profits will be fed back into our Love Local community project, where we, (and you!) support truly local causes every single day.  

From Monday 4th March we will be charging...

  • 5p for Budgens single-use carrier bag
  • 13p for Budgens plastic Bag for Life
  • £1 for our Woven Bag
  • ... it's 0p if you bring your own 

We understand that this will encourage a change in your purchasing behaviour with us... you will need to bring your own bags (or pay for one at the till)... therefore to kick start this as you are a loyal Signature member from 18th February until 10th March 2019 you can pick up for FREE up to FIVE Budgens usable bags*.


*flexible handle bags - plastic