The winner of our jumbo Toblerone is announced!

The winner of our jumbo Toblerone is announced!

3rd Sept 2019 - The winner is.........

You may remember we recently held a competition to win a Jumbo Toblerone - that's 4.5kg of the popular Swiss triangular chocolate!

Picked at random from all the correct entries of our Tout's Budgens quiz, the winner was Jermey Gann! Well done Jeremy!

For those of you who want to check your answers or just to learn a little more Signature, read on below....

Q1: How many Signature Points do you earn when you purchase bread at Tout's Budgens? A magnificant 20 points!

Q2: How much did the Tout’s Budgens Love Local programme donate to Winscombe U12s Football Club in April 2019? A whopping £92.41

Q3: How much do we give our Signature members off each litre of fuel that they purchase? 2P off every litre!

Q4: How often do we give our Signature members a FREE product as a thank you for their custom? Every single month!

Q5: What happens when our Signature members buy their 9th COSTA express coffee? We give them their 10th Costa express coffee absoilutly FREE!

Q6: What colour is our Tout's Budgens Signature card? Purple

Q7: How long have we worked with Pullin's Bakery? Over 10 years!

Q8: What can customers grab for dinner on the way home? COOK ready meals, made like you at home and freshly frozen in the COOK kitchen, Fresh Subway Subs, Wraps and Salads and Fresh fruit & vegetables from Arthur David, artisan breads from Pullins Bakery, specially selected wines from The Wine Shop in Winscombe and many more ingredients you might not expect!