Well hello lovely new jute bags!!

Well hello lovely new jute bags!!

Written 26/09/19 - the launch of our new jute bag!

Along with many of our customers we are very conscious of the impact single-use plastic has on our environment, and where possible we are making steps to look at and use alternatives. 

Following the introducting of the 5p and 13p charges for our plastic bags, we are now pleased to launch our jute Tout's Budgens bags! Many of us have tried and tested them and can confirm that there's space for all your necessities and treats, they're strong and sturdy, and comfy on the shoulder too! 

We are extremely proud to be local and work closely with our communities, and are proud that one of the designs on the bag was created by brother and sister, Austin, aged 6 and Edith, aged 4.

The jute bag is available in store now priced at £2.50.